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Vitalys Clinic

Kristy Leenders is manager of the Vitalys clinic for tackling obesity in the Netherlands. Here, the app is used for all patients undergoing bariatric surgery.

Why Patient Journey App?

Vitalys clinic started using the app because they wanted to offer patients a more tailored, individualised service. Providing patients with the right information when it is important to them helps contributes to this goal. Through the app, patients always have the information they need at his or her disposal, at the time that suits them. 

The benefits for Vitalys

Kristy shared with us that "In addition to benefiting patients, the use of the app also offers benefits us as healthcare providers. For example, you can be 100% sure that you have provided the information to the patient at the right time. You can also always refer back to the app for questions or ambiguities".

The benefits for the patient

"Patients let us know that they are very happy with the app and that the information is simple and easy to read" Kristy explained. "They also indicate that they receive a lot of information from the hospital and that they find it easier to read this step-by-step in the app instead of getting all the information in one lump of paper".

The future

"Together with Patient Journey App we are taking the next step in the development of the app; we want to use it for more and more purposes and would like to continue innovating the app to make it more personal for our patients. We achieve this currently, for example, by asking questions to patients via the app, which may make fewer hospital visits necessary.