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Today, it is near impossible for a consultant to explain every detail about a treatment during a ten minute appointment, whilst it is equally as difficult for a patient to process all of this information at once. The result is that 80% of information which is given to a patient during their consultation, is forgotten once they have left the hospital.

At Patient Journey App, we believe that patients should always be able to access information about their treatment, anytime and anyplace. That is why we work with hospitals and clinics to create apps that actively educate patients about their treatment or surgery, every step of the way.



Patient Journey App started with the idea of an orthopaedic surgeon in the Netherlands who wondered why he was handing pages and pages of leaflets and brochures to patients who might lose them. Out in the waiting room, patients waited for their appointments whilst fixated on mobile devices, which for the surgeon led to an epiphany: Why not digitise our treatment information so that it can accessed by patients when they need it most? 

Soon after, the surgeon and his team introduced an app to the clinic which informed patients of everything they needed to know leading up to their surgery, which proved to be a huge success.

 After taking off in the Netherlands, Patient Journey App is now being used by over 85 hospitals and clinics in 12 countries, reaching over 80,000 patients. Our team of health and tech professionals are driven by the idea that complex problems in healthcare can be solved by simple solutions.


Thomas Goijarts
Co-founder and CCO
Guusje van der Heijden
Co-founder and COO
Thomas Timmers
Co-founder and CTO
Klaas van der Heijden
Co-founder and Medical Advisor
Samuel Credgington
Customer Success Manager
Mia Mosler
Project Manager
Lisa de Waal
Project Manager

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