Make sure to always receive fully informed consent, allow patients to manage their own pain remotely and obtain valuable feedback for your practice, with your very own patient journey app.

What can patient Journey App do for your practice?

Properly inform your patients about their treatment options 

Prevent missed appointments and surgeries

Create your own surveys and obtain important patient outcome measures

Joint Replacement Surgery App

by Miss (Dr.) Samantha Z. Tross

After becoming a patient herself, Dr. Samantha Tross experienced firsthand how overwhelming patient information can be. Soon after, we created an app to provide her patients with clear instructions on how to prepare for surgery and to spell out the risks attached . 

“When speaking with a patient they're often stressed and the majority of what you tell them goes in one ear and out the other. In a twenty minutes consultation you've got to take down a history, examine the patient, provide treatment options, and it's difficult to get through all of that information at once. That's where the app really comes into play. It cuts down on what you have to say in the clinic and ensures nothing important is missed by the patient"


By the numbers

85+ Hospitals and clinics use our app

80.000 Patient Downloads

 89,6% Of patients think our app is a 'very helpful' addition to their care

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