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Information for

Communication Professionals

Using app can solve communication challenges your organisation is facing. Some of the benefits communication professionals report after using Patient Journey App are:

  • Increased patient engagement and trust
  • More time for nurses and medical staff
  • Easier way of collecting patient feedback
  • A new communication channel with patients
  • In-hospital communication with visitors, family members and friends
  • Marketing edge over competitors 
  • Increased visibility (locally and nationally)
  • Increased patient satisfaction scores 
  • Less paper and a more eco friendly image

After creating an app for your practice and publishing it on Google Play and the App Store, we help ensure that Patient Journey App is deployed smoothly on the ground in the hospital and that the word gets out on social media. We are always a call away and regularly adapt our technology to align with the challenges and demands of the hospitals we work with. 

We can build an app for your practice in a matter of weeks. You'll find more information on our implementation process in this overview

We also invite you to have a look at some of our use cases.

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