AZ Alma BE

AZ Alma General Hospital

In Belgium we are proud to work with AZ Alma, a multi-sited hospital whose app has been downloaded by over 1,500 patients. 


For the Oncology department of AZ Alma General Hospital, an everyday challenge is to provide detailed and accessible information about cancer diagnosis and treatment, without overwhelming the patient. As well as this, personal and emotional care becomes naturally difficult to deliver when the patient is not in the hospital. 


With this app, our mission was to help break down information about cancer into digestible and manageable pieces for the patient. As we were informed by the oncology staff at AZ Alma:  “If you get diagnosed with breast cancer, your world is  turned upside down. Simply we wanted to provide some order to  patients by giving them their own personal timeline where all information is provided in an orderly and understandable manner". 

Various functionalities were added to the app to ensure patients could reach support in the hospital at the click of a button, and interactive content such as informative videos were added to the app to help illustrate and explain the treatment pathway. 


The AZ Alma Hospital in Belgium

The app has now been up and running for two years, and patients continue to give positive feedback about the service. For the medical professionals in the hospital, it is a relief to know that their care continues even when the patient has left the hospital. As the team commented: "It really is an efficient, modern and user-friendly addition to our existing information channels”

About AZ Alma 

AZ Alma is a general catholic hospital in Belgium , created after the merger in 2003 of the Sacred Heart Clinic in Eeklo in East Flanders and the Elisabeth Hospital in Sijsele in West Flanders.

Spread over both campuses, there are 1,200 employees and approximately 110 doctors working for a total of 451 beds and the outpatient clinic.

About Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App allows health care professionals to update their patients with the right information at the right time. Through interactive push notifications you can inform, activate and empower patients about the next steps in their treatment pathway.

The apps we have created are used by 100+ hospitals and clinics, across 19 countries by more than 100,000 patients.