Windsor Regional Hospital

"Patients told us the scariest part of being in the hospital is the fear of the unknown, and that sometimes after receiving a life altering diagnosis, they don’t fully hear, understand or appreciate what their care provider is saying. This app attempts to alleviate that fear by providing answers for patients in an easy to use format that is available to them at any time."

Karen McCullough, COO and Chief Nursing Executive at Windsor Regional


For Windsor Regional Hospital, like most general hospitals, a significant challenge is providing excellent service to hundreds of patients per day, whilst also offering comprehensive and detailed information to patients about their diagnosis or hospital stay. Too often patients become lumbered with doubt about what they have to do and are too afraid to ask questions. What was needed was a different way of prescribing information and providing answers to patients - without eating into the busy schedules of doctors and nurses on the wards. 


The solution was to create an app for Windsor that incorporated general information about the hospital that could be used by all patients, and specific information about each treatment, tailored for every department. The scale of the operation was naturally very big, and so was the launch. Upon 'going live' Windsor Regional hosted a press day at the hospital, created an animation explaining the app to patients, and flooded their social media channels with news about the new technology. Less than a year later, and 2000 patients have downloaded the app. Leaflets and posters that we have created are handed out every day at reception, download instructions are shared on the television screens throughout the wards, and new content is added routinely by various members of staff.

The success of the app at Windsor Regional proves that our technology can better the standard of patient care for multiple departments simultaneously, and can have a hugely positive impact on the way in which the hospital is perceived by patients and the wider community. 

The app has played a large part at helping to standardise care at Windsor Regional Hospital and improve communication between patients and their care teams. 

About Windsor Regional Hospital

Windsor Regional Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in the Province of Ontario, serving a population of 400,000 people in Windsor and Essex County. It is the regional provider of advanced care in areas that include Complex Trauma, Renal Dialysis, Cardiac Care, Stroke and Neurosurgery, Intensive Care, Acute Mental Health, Family Birthing Centre, Neonatal Intensive Care, Paediatric Services, Regional Cancer services and a broad range of medical and surgical services required to support these specialized areas.

About Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App allows health care professionals to update their patients with the right information at the right time. Through interactive push notifications you can inform, activate and empower patients about the next steps in their treatment pathway.

The apps we have created are used by 100+ hospitals and clinics, across 19 countries by more than 100,000 patients.