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David Floyd Plastic Surgery

"Considering that we prepare patients for reasonably complicated surgery, the app really takes some of the headache out of it for me." 

Dr. David Floyd 

The challenge

In London, Dr. David Floyd wanted an app that impressed potential patients after their first consultation, as well as a service that made sure he would not forget to communicate any vital pre-op information. Dr. Floyd wanted to find a way to make his service complete, a 360 degree experience that complimented his website and branding. After meeting Dr.Floyd at the CCR Expo in London, we set out to create a solution.


There were three vital components of the app that we had to take into account. A) The app had to present all treatment options to patients so that they have enough information to give full consent (in line with good legal practice). B) The app had to be consistent with the branding of the clinic and offer galleries of before and after photographs so that patients can make the right decision. C) The app had to include interactive content such as interviews with David that helped patients remain engaged after their consultation and to increase the likelihood of making a booking.

After working together with David for a few weeks, the app was published on the app stores and made available to all of his patients. Eighteen months on, and the app is still receiving rave reviews. David tells us: “Every one of my patients who is having surgery downloads the app and they just love it. In fact, I spoke to a patient this week and asked her what she thought of the app and she said “It's amazing. It's all the sorts of information that I kind of knew about, but it's presenting it to me exactly when it's time to think about it”. 



The app is benefiting David in ways he didn’t imagine when we first created the app. Firstly, patients are calling the clinic with less and more precise questions about their treatment: “Now, even if we forget to mention something, a notification will pop up for the patient using the app and they'll think "Oh, I didn't realise that", and they'll ring my secretary and ask "Is this true?". That's great because we know that they have understood the information we’ve provided properly”.

The app is making surgery a much more complete service for David Floyd and his team. As well as patients leaving the clinic with a feeling of being fully informed, Dr. Floyd himself also gets a lot of information out of the app. Fully customised surveys allow David to obtain valuable feedback from his patients about their treatment and experience at the clinic. “In reality, it is a powerful information capturing tool for getting patient feedback. My patients will come across the survey after receiving a notification on their phone and will just tap, tap, tap, answer a few questions and then suddenly I've received all of this feedback.”

More recently, Dr. Floyd has utilised the possibility for patients to share photos of their recovery, directly via the app. “Before, patients would often ring up my secretary and say "I'm a bit worried, the wound has opened up, I've got a little bit of weeping". It's very obvious to us what's going on for us and it is easy to reassure the patient. Often we’d have to say "Can you email us, or come in to the clinic?". Now I’m able to receive a photo straight to my iPhone, it bypasses my secretary, and I can deal with it in a flash.”


About David Floyd

David Floyd has been one of the senior Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons at The Royal Free Hospital, London for the last 15 years. He is now an integral member of the Breast Unit at the Wellington Hospital and Spire Bushey Hospital and has extensive experience in breast reconstruction following mastectomy. He is also a key member of the abdominal wall unit based at The wellington and the Lister Hospitals. Alongside his reconstructive interests during the last 15 years he has developed a special interest in rhinoplasty and cosmetic surgery of the breast, abdomen and body.


Mr. Floyd was President of the Plastic Surgery Section of the Royal Society of Medicine in 2009. He continues to contribute to the academic world of Plastic Surgery by publishing his new developments and experience in the world literature. He is also regularly asked to lecture at educational meetings in his field of expertise, both in the UK and abroad.


About Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App allows health care professionals to update their patients with the right information at the right time. Through interactive push notifications you can inform, activate and empower patients about the next steps in their treatment pathway.

The apps we have created are used by 100+ hospitals and clinics, across 19 countries by more than 100,000 patients.