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Breast Cancer Kent

"It is increasingly complex these days. Treatments are improving which is great for patients, but that makes for really detailed conversations in the clinic. We know that patients recall very little of what we tell them, and often leave feeling overwhelmed." Dr. Russell Burcombe.

Dr. Russell Burcombe Consultant Oncologist and Trustee at Breast Cancer Kent

The Challenge

Nothing can prepare a person for the shock of being diagnosed with cancer. Processing the gravity of the diagnosis is difficult enough, yet alone being able to comprehend the onrush of medical information that follows. This is an ongoing challenge for oncology centres throughout the world and is something that the Breast Cancer Kent charity in England have set out to help alleviate for patients living in the region.  The idea is to enable patients to make sense of their diagnosis, treatment options and available support, on their terms.  


The amount of material given to a newly diagnosed cancer patient is staggering. Dividing this content into digestible pieces of information, with easy to use, relatable terminologies was a process undertaken by our team alongside Consultant Oncologist and Trustee at the Centre, Dr. Russell Burcombe. Together we mapped out not only how to best organise the information but focussed upon providing patients with the option to navigate the app how they please, and to customise its content according to their treatment pathway. 

About Breast Cancer Kent

Breast Cancer Kent aims to improve the lives of those diagnosed with breast cancer in Kent. The organisation does this by funding projects, equipment and research to support the work of the NHS Medical Teams at the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells Breast Care Units, Kent Oncology Centre and the University of Kent School of biosciences.

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