Modern Patient Education

Patient Journey App allows healthcare professionals to educate, inform and activate patients with the right information at the right time.

Features - App


Dynamic Timeline

Effectively educate patients through a dynamic timeline about the next steps in their treatment.

Unlike hard copy patient brochures, information is delivered in phases and only when relevant.

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Send Push Notifications

Send push notifications to provide useful information, updates and reminders to activate patients about their treatment.

Common examples of push notifications include to start fasting prior to surgery, arrange crutches, prepare a ride home or to do exercises.



Onboarding guide

This new feature is the very first thing users see when downloading your app. The guide gives a simple walk-through that helps patients to better understand what the app does and how to use it. If users have questions at a later stage, the onboarding guide can easily be opened under the 'Settings' tab.

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Ask Questions

Request feedback from patients by asking questions about their rehabilitation, pain level or other experiences. Answer their questions with pre-set advice.

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Accessible for Patients, their Family and Friends

All of the information within your organisations app will be accessible to everyone that has downloaded it. Using our patient education platform is completely anonymous and does not require any personal information.


Visual Content

Inform patients about their treatment and organisation by adding visual content. Excellent examples include: photos of the medical staff, a video touring the operating room and post-op exercise tutorials.

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Features - Content management system


Custom Branded App

The app is fully customisable and tailor-made for you, making it your app with your content. It will contain your organisation's name, logo, contact details and patient information. This makes it easy for your patients to find you and download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

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Monitor Patient Engagement

Learn from your patients by monitoring their engagement. Within the content management system, a clear dashboard with usage statistics enables you to analyse and improve the information within your app.

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Multimedia Library

Easily enrich the app with photos and videos by using our stock photographs or by adding your own multimedia content.

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Integration-Free & In-House Content Management

We offer a stand-alone platform, free of any integration with hospital information systems. Your app can be available for your patients within 2 - 3 weeks without involving any IT-project team.

App content can easily be managed in-house by doctors, nurses or communications personnel. This enables you to add new treatments or to change current information in the app, and to communicate this with your patients in real-time.

Covered devices

Publish your patient information instantly to all iOS and Android phones and tablets. Make last-minute changes anytime, anywhere.

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