Plastic Surgery

Make sure that patients don’t forget to book their surgery, are fully informed about their treatment and can effortlessly provide your clinic with feedback, with your very own patient journey app. 

What can patient Journey App do for your practice?

Properly inform your patients to manage expectations

Gain a marketing edge ahead over your competitors

Obtain valuable feedback from your patients

David Floyd Plastic Surgery App

At Patient Journey App, we work with plastic surgeons from around the world to create tailor made apps that meet the requirements of their practices. In London, Dr. David Floyd wanted an app that impressed potential patients after their first consultation, as well as a service that helped him to make sure not to forget any vital pre-op information. 

“The feedback I'm having is just amazing, patients absolutely love it. The app is another layer of protection to make sure that we've got everything lined up. Even if we forget to mention something to a patient, it will pop up for them using the app. Nothing gets forgotten, and considering we prepare patients for reasonably complicated surgery, the app really takes the headache out of it for me.”

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By the numbers

85+ Hospitals and clinics use our app

80.000 Patient Downloads

 89,6% Of patients think our app is a 'very helpful' addition to their care

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