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Improve the standard of patient information throughout your hospital and effectively monitor patient engagement, progress and outcomes with your own Patient Journey App.

What can Patient Journey App do for your hospital?

Prevent missed appointments and unnecessary readmissions 

Obtain important patient outcomes with customisable surveys

Build your treatment pathway upon one of our existing templates 


Windsor Regional Hospital

In Canada, the Windsor Regional Hospital 'My Care Journey' app is used to inform patients throughout the hospital. Karen McCullough, COO and Chief Nursing Executive at the hospital, had this to say the app:

"Patients told us the scariest part of being in the hospital is the fear of the unknown, and that sometimes after receiving a life altering diagnosis, they don’t fully hear, understand or appreciate what their care provider is saying. This app attempts to alleviate that fear by providing answers for patients in an easy to use format that is available to them at any time"

By the numbers

85+ Hospitals and clinics use our app

80.000 Patient Downloads

89,6% Of patients think our app is a 'very helpful' addition to their care

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