AZ Vesalius

AZ Vesalius Hospital

az Vesalius in Tongeren (Belgium) uses Patient Journey App throughout the hospital. We asked Dr. Alex Breugelmans (chief physician) and Els Bielen (application manager) about their first experiences with the app. 

Why build an app?

AZ Vesalius started using a mobile app to guide hospital patients both inside and outside the hospital. For Dr. Alex Breugelmans (chief physician) it was important that the app increased patient autonomy, whilst also improving their understanding and relationship with their medical team.

Dr. Alex Breugelmans reflects that: “With the use of Patient Journey App we wanted to focus on the theme of 'the patient at the center'. We wanted to use treatment pathways as customised, personalized manuals for patients, and to make sure potential gaps of knowledge between the patient and doctor were bridged. By doing so, patients are better equipped to manage his or her own condition”


For Els Bielen, the benefit of the app is that “for both the patient and caregiver, there is better preparation for the operation as well as a more efficient way of providing information." For Dr. Alex Breugelmans, the benefits primarily revolve around how the app compliments his relationship with his patients. “The patient is reminded to take action at certain moments throughout their preparation and rehabilitation, which really encourages self-responsibility. The app ensures that 'shared decision making' between doctors and our patients is guaranteed. A big advantage for employees is that we gain valuable time to provide care in a more efficient manner for our patients. " 


Hospital wide expansion

Both Els Bielen and Dr. Alex Breugelmans have striven to deploy the app across the entire hospital as quickly as possible. “At the moment the app is already being used in various specialisms. We have now been around for 4 months and have published almost 15 treatments in the app! Through education and promotion, we try to ensure that more and more patients start using the app. " Dr. Alex Breugelmans indicates that there is a lot of interest among colleagues, especially as he notices more and more staff members using the app themselves. 


So far, there have been enthusiastic reactions from both patients and doctors alike. Els Bielen shares that: “Doctors are very enthusiastic and want to actively participate in the development of the app. For example, a new cardiologist will be joining us soon, and would like to be closely involved in the design of the app. In addition, our management team are really pleased when a new treatment becomes available for our patients to use”.   

The future 

AZ Vesalius continues to expand its usage across a wide range of medical specialisms and treatment areas within the app, so that every patient can eventually use it.

Looking forward, Dr. Alex Breugelmans would like to invest more in the future on 'pre-hospitalization' and follow-up measurements such as PROMs and PREMs. He surmises: "An integration of various pre- and post-op assessments is the missing piece for us to complete the care process and to truly personalize care for the individual patient. The PJA team is dynamic and has a clear vision that is in line with ours: improving the involvement, adherence to therapy and experience of those in need of care”. 

About Patient Journey App

Patient Journey App allows health care professionals to update their patients with the right information at the right time. Through interactive push notifications you can inform, activate and empower patients about the next steps in their treatment pathway.

The apps we have created are used by 100+ hospitals and clinics, across 19 countries by more than 100,000 patients.